AGILITY: football drills

Football requires strength, speed and above all agility. You’re constantly moving in all directions, accelerating, decelerating, stopping and starting. Football drills focus on all areas of the body to build the coordination needed for these kinds of movements. Because of this, they are great exercises to bring into your workout.


Balance and coordination are also key. Dribbling a ball in and out of the Active Landscape Swerve Poles, or weaving in and out without a ball, will build your leg strength as well as your core muscles. This sets your body up for everyday, active lifestyles.


Agility concerns the ability to make quick directional changes when moving at speed – using line markings on the ground in Active Landscape you can work on this. A ‘ladder’ marking enhances forwards and backwards movements and you can bring in side-to-side movements by using a ‘T’ marking.

Have a go!

Ladder drill