SPEED: acceleration exercise

Workout: Thighs, calves, core muscles


Reaching your top speed quickly can be important. As well as being key to chasing after that last bus home, it also plays a big part in many sports – you want to be the first to reach the ball, you need to accelerate away from an opponent to get that goal…


Acceleration concerns mechanics such as stride length, ground contact time and velocity. What does this mean to your body? It means that you are engaging not only your legs but also your core muscles (such as your abdominals). The better you get at exploding off the start line, the  harder this range of muscles will be working.


Alongside acceleration exercises, try some plyometics – these will help you to build the strength and power you need to get faster and faster.

Focus on quality – sprinting is dynamic and should be performed with the body upright and shoulders relaxed. The arms should drive and pump while being held in a bent (right angled) position. Short quick strides will produce a faster running time.

Have a go!