STRENGTH: plyometric exercise

Box_jumpsWorkout: buttocks, thighs, calves

These exercises are about power and explosive energy.

Simply put, Plyometrics are exercises that make your muscles rapidly lengthen and contract. You do this through jump-style exercises, such as skipping, hopping, and jumping. Essentially you are using your own body weight to work your muscles, and increase their power.

In Active Landscape, you’ll find benches, steps, lines, grids to base your exercises around.


These are high intensity exercises – if you are in any doubt as to how fit you are, start gently and gradually build up. It’s really important to think about quality, not quantity.


These exercises are great at building bone density, contributing to healthy bones and joints. The intensity will increase your heart rate which not only helps keep your heart healthy, but it also gets your body burning fat. The control required to perform the jump-style exercises will strengthen your legs which in turn supports your coordination and balance.

Plyometric exercise is useful for most sports, as there tends to be an element of jumping, hopping or skipping in lots of them.

So can these exercises really improve your sporting performance? The answer is yes! Think of jumping to head a ball in football. If you have enhanced your explosive power, your speed and reactions by using plyometrics then you are likely to boost your jump height and possibly get to the ball before an opponent.

Have a go!

Block jumps