Map location: Everywhere!


Step by step
  1. Players stand in a circle, with a person holding the ball in the centre.
  2. The person with the ball throws the ball high into the air, calling out one player’s name.
  3. If your name isn’t called, RUN AWAY!
  4. If your name is called, catch the ball and shout SPUD – all other players must then stop and freeze.
  5. If you’re the new ball holder, throw the ball and try and hit one of the ‘frozen’ players. You are allowed to take up to four giant steps towards any player.
  6. The player who gets hit earns the letter ‘S’ and becomes the thrower.
  7. Repeat.
  8. When a player has been hit four times and collected all four letters of S.P.U.D. they are out.


Get adventurous!

Use all the spaces of Active Landscape when you’re running away from the person with the ball – jump up on the benches, swerve and weave amongst the poles.