Map location: 3


The moves

Hop into the first box, landing on your left foot.

Jump into the next box, landing on both feet.

Hop into the next box, landing on your right foot.

Then jump into the next box, landing on both feet.

Repeat until you get to the end of the ladder and then turn around to get back to the start.


The challenge

Gently throw a stone or a similar object onto the ladder marking.

It has to land within one of the boxes.

When you reach the box where the stone has landed, miss this box out – hop or jump right over it.

On your way back to the start, when you reach the stone, bend down to pick it up and continue back to the start.


If you land in the wrong box or hop in the box with the stone, you have to start again if you’re playing on your own, or the next player has a go.