Swerve poles


Workout: thighs, calves, core muscles

Map location: 6


Step by step

This activity is based around the football drill of dribbling the ball around cones. It is about weaving and swerving in lots of different directions. You can do it with, or without a ball, on your own or in a group.

  1. Pick a starting point in the Swerve Poles.
  2. Weave in and out of the poles, dribbling the ball if you are using one.
  3. If working with a partner the challenge is not to bump into each other.
  4. Keep aware of your surrounding space.


Sets and reps

Keep going for 1 min
Rest 30 secs to 1 min


– Alternate your moves: try turning very close to a pole, then taking a wider curve.
– Keep your head up: when dribbling keep your head up and control the ball with lots of small touches with the inside and outside of your foot.


Strengthens legs = good coordination and balance
Strengthens abdominals = stable core body, reduces stress on back
Increases muscle endurance = good posture all day long

Want more of a challenge?

– Add more directional changes.
– Master those ball skills: using a smaller ball, will be harder to keep under control. You could even try using your weakest foot only.
– Bring your friends: the more people involved, the harder the mental and physical challenge.