Grid hop

Grid_hopWorkout: buttocks, thighs, calves

Map location: 4


Step by step
  1. Imagine a noughts and crosses grid.
  2. Stand in the centre of the grid.
  3. Hop forward, then back to the centre.
  4. Keep doing this in a clockwise formation and work around the grid.
  5. Repeat in an anticlockwise direction.


Sets and reps

2-3 reps
Rest 30 secs to 1 min


– Quality not quantity: It may take time to master an agility test, so start with one or two before introducing more.


Builds bone density = healthy bones and joints
Increases heart rate = healthy heart, fat burning
Strengthens legs = good coordination and balance

Want more of a challenge?

– Increase your speed.
– Increase resistance –¬†carry some extra¬†weight.
– Increase the number of sets.
– Hop on one leg.