Live and kicking: keeping the spirit of football alive


Field of Play: Active Landscape is located in Mitchams Park, Cambridge. This used to be the home ground of Cambridge City Football Club.

There is rich history and local pride associated with the former football ground. Generations of families from the surrounding area have gathered here to enjoy the game of football for nearly 100 years.

Active Landscape was developed by artist Zoë Chamberlain in response to the footballing past of this area. From tactical drawings setting the game of play, to the agility of football players themselves, movement and energy is central to her designs.


Zoë Chamberlain collaborated with Murdoch Wickham Landscape Architects, students from Chesterton Community College, sport scientist Diane Johnson, and Dr Katie Morton (Centre for Diet and Activity Research) to develop a space that designed for real people, living active lifestyles.

But that’s not where it ends…read more about the larger public art project surrounding Field of Play: Active Landscape at kickstART: the big project.


Let’s celebrate the footballing past and keep alive the energy, the enthusiasm, the gamesmanship, the cheering, and the fun!